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Al Rawi's Vision

Graphic design is the objective equivalent to aesthetic structure. You may see it as an extreme organization of figures, or it may even deceive you and lets you end up judging it as a mere unjustified mess. It may seem as an obscure arrangement of visual elements that doesn't refer you to the intended meaning.

Here, I want to make the graphic design connected to successful marketing of subtle ideas behind the artwork.

I do not want to use the design to show commodities and services only. I can adapt the design to get it to express the concepts that the producer wants to deliver to the end user, which is difficult to explain in a few words.

All the visual communication instruments are employed by the designer in order to convince the consumer of the quality of the product or service.

As soon as the product gains the consumer's confidence, the effect of those instruments will augmented and the acceptance increase.

That is not my first experience in the world of graphic design, but it is the pinnacle of knowledge in design, and its untapped potential capabilities.

Design is the creation of visual constructions from available elements that are not linked to each other by natural links. This is the main idea.

Therefore, the design product should be different from the ordinary. Should be consistent, new, and surprising.

It does not resemble the previous artworks, but can efficiently coexists with them. Its elements are original, yet its appearance and identity are novel and innovative.

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